Links to various Synology resources

Synology official forum can be found at

The official knowledge base is located at

If you want to buy yourself another Synology, you may find helpful the reseller list at

However, please note these are not the best points of contact if you need support with your unit. The best option is to go to the support section of the Synology website ( and submit a ticket there. While this requires filling a lengthy form, the form and the process are designed to ensure all relevant information is included with your request.

The official Synology YouTube channel is located at and includes software overview and some useful how-to videos. Specifically, you may want to have a look at Synology Training and Seminar playlists. While these do not provide any information about recovery of the fully crashed NAS, they are useful if you want to understand features and how to better plan for the next failure.

Synology social network accounts

Facebook -
Twitter -

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